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Preserving and promoting the history of the Cape Coast in Hawke's Bay; and developing and supporting its arts, culture and creativity.​

It is where OUR story began, and it is the HEART of all we have become - the foundation of OUR FUTURE
Haumoana - Te Awanga - Clifton

Cape Coast Foreshore

Cape Coast Foreshore

The Cape Coast Beach with its iconic Cape Kidnappers Cliffs in the background. (Photo courtesy of Lindsay Gibb)

Winter in the Vineyard

Winter in the Vineyard

A view across the Cape Coast Vineyards in the middle of winter with all of the leaves gone. (Photo courtesy of Lindsay Gibb)

Grain Feed Silos

Grain Feed Silos

The original grain feed silos at the back of the chicken farm. (Photo courtesy of Lindsay Gibb)

Te Awanga Beach

Te Awanga Beach

The railway irons piled into Te Awanga Beach to help maintain the crest from erosion. (Photo courtesy of Lindsay Gibb)

Fishing in Tukituki River Mouth

Fishing in Tukituki River Mouth

Fishermen prepare for a day on the water. (Photo courtesy of Lindsay Gibb)

Haumo Princess "Ferry"

Haumo Princess "Ferry"

One way in the past to cross the Tukituki River Estuary was by Ferry. (Photo courtesy of Lindsay Gibb)

Whitebait Fishing at Tukituki Estuary

Whitebait Fishing at Tukituki Estuary

Scoop net fishing for Whitebait at the river mouth. (Photo courtesy of Lindsay Gibb)


A Community is born from its heritage

The creation of the Cape Coast Arts & Heritage Trust was inspired by community feedback and submissions during the Hastings District Council sponsored Community Plan process for Haumoana, Te Awanga, and Clifton back in 2013.

The Cape Coast has a unique and compelling story, but one which is largely hidden from view. The Trust aims to provide a conduit for this story, to enable present day and future generations to discover, understand and find their sense of place and purpose, thereby strengthening the bonds of community.

Once engaged and empowered they too will add their expression to this ever evolving story.

Cape Coast Beach profile looking out towards Cape Kidnappers
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Why is "knowing our own story" important?


A Community is born from its heritage, and only by understanding this can these bonds be maintained and thus a community bound together.

Recognising and promoting a community's identity encourages diversity of cultural expression; fosters local pride, civic engagement and confidence; whilst stimulating creativity, innovation and economic development.

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To preserve and promote the history of the Cape Coast in Hawke's Bay for future generations; educating and engaging both the local population, visitors and the general public about that heritage and developing and promoting arts, culture and creativity within the Cape Coast.


To undertake and present Historical Research
(The Story of the Cape Coast)
To provide an accessible resource of research and photographs
Establish an Arts & Heritage Trail
Enhance, Highlight & Promote the Cape Coast and all its Natural, Historical and Cultural Assets

Foundation Project

The Cape Coast Arts & Heritage Trail - envisioned to provide a cohesive storyboard for people to follow along its entire journey, as well as highlighting the unique qualities of each individual location.

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The Cape Coast Arts & Heritage Trust is working to foster a cohesive historical resource.
This resource will act as a framework to engage current and future generations and enable them to be better connected to each other, the land, their story and community.


The Cape Coast Arts & Heritage Trail will provide a gateway to understanding the biodiversity of the Cape Coast by highlighting the natural world surrounding it.
People will be encouraged to greater enjoyment of the ecological experience through the provision not just of information, but also by developing resting places along the Trail to compliment these natural scenic reserves.


The Cape Coast Arts & Heritage Trail will be closely aligned with the already defined "Landscapes Trail", with the aim off providing a "value add" which will broaden its appeal to locals and visitors alike, to the extent of making it a "destination of choice", and thereby creating another pillar of opportunity for the Cape Coast economy.

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Vincent Van Gogh

"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together"

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